Peace and Pancakes.

(written on the 26th June)

I am in hiding. Isobel has had five friends for a sleepover. She achieved this coup de maison by the tried and tested method of telling Lisa that I had agreed and telling me that Lisa said it was ok. Over the days running up to this takeover Lisa and I did not have the wit to compare notes. The house is ringing with barely intelligible bat shrieks, occasionally from the formless cacophony I hear the words “Oh my god”, “phone” and “snapchat.”

The real squabbling, of course, is going on amongst the adults. One half of the country is telling the other half to shut up. I don’t think that everyone who voted Out is stupid, or racist. I recognise that there are principled, intelligent reasons for wishing to leave the EU. I recognise that large parts of this country feel disenfranchised and powerless, left behind. The problem I have is, what is it you want? I read the blogs and posts of people telling me and people like me to shut up, we won, shut up, that’s democracy and I think ‘In a democracy there is free speech, (or is that too European)’.

This is the most important decision of our lives, and those who have voted for it cannot tell me what it is they want, other than out. So, having pulled the house down, they now say to the despised political classes “You sort it out”. And of course the politicians are playing the same, tired game they always do, manoeuvring for personal gain at our cost. The ghastly and duplicitous Johnson, surprised by his success at whipping people up with empty slogans, appears dumbfounded. Labour begins to eat itself and Farage plots.

The markets have been closed over the weekend and the Brexiters seem to think it’s ok because the meltdown wasn’t immediately total, well we have only just struck the iceberg.

So don’t tell me to shut up. Don’t tell me to stop fighting. This is a democracy. It’s not childish to demand answers. It was in Cameron’s interests to try to strong-arm people with a, “Once in a lifetime vote” but as Farage recognised when contemplating a narrow loss for him, this is unfinished business.

Ok, rant over. No more politics for a bit, just pancakes. Peace and love x.

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